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Hello! Thank you for expressing interest in working with Vicariously Me Brand. Vicariously Me Brand is a growing community of Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle lovers.

This brand explores many topics in the beauty and fashion industry with a focus on Product Reviews, Natural Hairstyles, Nail Design and Makeup Looks Tips, Tricks & Tutorials. However these categories are not the limitations for this brand.


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VicariouslyMe Blog Stats

Vicariously Me is a Growing Brand. The focus moving forward for the brand will be expansion & rapid growth. This growth will occur with the use of high performance tools such as SEMrush, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing such as Facebook/Instagram Ads and Increased content.

This will benefit all partners & sponsors involved with the brand as your products will be displayed to our audience as well as help create more opportunities for beauty/fashion lovers to Join The Brand.

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VicariouslyMe Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle & Music Followers Across Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Vicariously Me Brand is not only a blog. There’s a YouTube community also strongly surrounding this brand. This means you have more opportunities to market your products or services across various platforms to create additional opportunities for more exposure.

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Vicariously Me YouTube Stats last 28 Days

Vicariously Me Brand Audience is 94% female her age ranges from Ages 13- 54. Her geographical location(s) is in USA, UK, CANADA, JAMAICA, INDIA, & SOUTH AFRICA and many more.

She views Vicariously Me across all devices Mobile being her #1 Choice.

Media kit for vicariouslymetv blog
VicariouslyMe Stats accessed 3/5/18 from socialblade


These stats will give you an idea of the growth potential to be realized with this brand. As 2018 is the year of business growth. This brand intends to double and even triple its current reach.

Media kit for vicariouslymetv blog
VicariouslyMe Stats accessed 3/5/18 from socialblade


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