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Grunge Look On a Nite Out

Grunge fashion… What the hell is it?!?! What does it look like and is there a face of grunge? I don’t think so… I love Grunge during the fall it’s the first look I usually gravitate towards around this time of year. Take it this outfit I wore to the Hip Hop League Draft My Lita boots from 599Fashion DIY cut up top with distressed jeans … Continue reading Grunge Look On a Nite Out

My Fav Fragrance’s Right Now

Its true I’ve never written a post about my favorite fragrances. I decided to make a change!  Since its been 1/2 a century since I last wrote something I figured I had to jump start somewhere… so here we are. You must forgive me for being abscent. I simply have had writers block for awhile now! Actually I’ve had creators block because i’ve been MIA … Continue reading My Fav Fragrance’s Right Now

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599 Fashion Tryon Haul and Review

Disclaimer: This is NOT SPONSORED  I got the opportunity to get some clothes from 599fashion to try out for review. I have to say that I was pretty happy with my selections. Two of the items have actually become my favorites as far as clothes goes. I must point out that you have to be careful with certain sizes such as the hoodie you want to … Continue reading 599 Fashion Tryon Haul and Review