Vicariously Me Tv formerly Glamour143 is a site dedicated to the love of beauty fashion and all things that make a woman fabulous. Glamour143 Inc. was founded by me Shaqualah the author of this blog in 2009. In an effort to redefine and reshape the concept of this blog I have re-branded now taking Vicariouly Me to represent my idea of beauty and fashion. I have dedicated my time and efforts to making this blog a place for women to find information on various subjects not to exclude life issues outside of beauty. Any content found in this blog or on its sister blogs/websites are created, edited, authored by me. All images provided on this blog site have been purchased or created by me which gives me the right to use them and/or allow its use. If you are interested in using any of the information located on my site I will strongly advice and request that out of common respect you first gain permission for such use. I will not be able to authorize the use of content that I myself have purchased however I will be more than willing to give you the details on where you may further seek permission(s) of use.

Product Reviews

If I so choose to provide a product review on any product of my choosing it will be that of an honest personal opinion. All though this opinion may not be the same as everyone in the world it is my own. So I will request that my opinion is respected just as all others. If you would like to submit your product for review please contact me via email.

Please be sure to check ingredient lists’ before you try any of the products reviewed on this blog. Glamour143 does not assume any responsiblity for the unsatisfactory use of any products here in by you. Please exercise caution as with anything else when using any products.

Blog Policy

If you so decide to participate in this blog I will request that you remain respectful. I love varying opinions however if your opinion or words undercut that of mine or anyone else’s opinion in a derogatory, disrespectful, degrading, or demeaning manner I will be sure that your comments and post are deleted. Please post responsiblycropped-tybann-e1455912841784.jpglogoblue369