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Vicariously Me formerly Glamour143 is my blog all about beauty, fashion and life. I like to include random thoughts and talks of inspiration here and there but I focus on hair with Natural hairstyles tips and trick; Makeup where I offer makeup tutorials through my Youtube channel; nails with nail designs, care tips and tricks and so much more!

I came up with the name Vicariously me late 2015 because I love all thing colorful, wild, and spunky. I thought of this name to give you all a place to live Vicariously through me.
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Any content provided on this site is here as a guide/help or aid for you not for you to steal. All pages in this site are created, designed, authored and edited by me and or Glamour143 representatives. If there is something here that you would like to reference please do so only after approval by me or any representative that has authored or created a page or article. All images are also either created by me or acquired through the release of permission by its creator. To prevent any type of copyright infringement please request and be granted permission to use any content herein or on any other site as it is a crime to infringe on someone else’s copyright.

I hope that you enjoy, comment, subscribe to this blog as it is really for the benefit of us all. Thanks and enjoy this site.
Shaqualah S.
Founder of Glamour143 Inc.
 I founded the company Glamour143 Inc in 2009. Changed the name to Vicariously Me in 2015 and will continue to offer my version of all things fashionable, trendy and stylish.


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Vicariously Me Tv

Vicariously Me Tv

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