Non Profit Workshop for DJs Hiztory Lessons

“DJing, the art of mixing recorded music in real time” is a an amazing way to showcase musical compositions from various artists in a way that flows while guiding a crowd to a desired heightened experience. The Dj literally sets the mood for the night and through his vision moves the crowd to the beat of his drum. To me Dj’s are like the drummers in African Traditional Ritual Dance. The DJ creates the sets and guides the experience of the listeners. Knowing this makes the art of Djing even more important to share and preserve.

dj equipment

Dj Hiztory of ThaIndastreets LLC has been inspired to inspire you. With the History Lessons project Dj Hiztory intends to encourage aspiring Dj’s to learn the craft and the history, through a free non-profit workshop called Hiztory Lessons.

“Hiztory Lessons will inspire and educate the community on the art of DJing while incorporating music history.”

Simply by encouraging and creating an opportunity for experience, inspiration will begin to fuel creativity. This unique workshop will offer a space for aspiring DJs or DJ enthusiasts to Learn, Practice and apply the knowledge gained through this non profit workshop. Hiztory Lessons will motivate the community by offering exclusive access to Dj Hiztory, his professional experiences and legacy, Dj equipment such as turn tables, equalizers , microphones etc. and most important the true history of the DJ industry.


While the act of learning how to DJ is great, you can never fully appreciate an art or a craft without understanding its history. When you begin to understand the origins and legacy of an art you can understand its evolution thus carrying with you the history that fuels the passion.

Life long DJ’s aren’t just so because its a fun thing to do. They carry on the art of the craft because the passion inspires their journey to continue. With this workshop that’s exactly what Hiztory Lessons will do, it will inspire and fuel your passion with an experience not readily available. This program will offer hands on learning for participants to gain practical experience. This will be gained by participants gaining permissible access to books, cassette, CDs etc. to acquire the ability to apply the knowledge obtained throughout the workshop.


Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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