3 Foundation Deals You’ll Want to Know About

Lately there have been a lot of releases when it comes to foundation. I actually need to jump on some of them because my collection is looking a little slim and bothersome!

Crying loudly gif

Nevertheless I want to come and quickly share with you the product alerts I received because I’d love for you to be able to catch these summer deals if you’re needing to re-up like me!

New Product Launch

laura geller foundation and concealer

Laura Geller Which I’d say has been mainly know for her GORGEOUS Highlighter is one of the brands to step out and offer a few shades in foundation. This selection is very anorexic so if you’re on either end of the spectrum HOLD YOUR BREATH! I don’t know whats shes got but it was one of the alerts I received so…

You're Welcome Gif

2. bareMinerals 30% Off

Vicariously Me bare Minerals Exclusive Savings

Next product alert I got was from Bare Minerals. Now of course bareMinerals has PLENTY of Foundation shades to make up for the not so plentiful Laura Geller selection pot so I’m sure the aforementioned gif will also explain my current #Mood Lol. Personally I’ve never tried bareMinerals but as Most of you have heard, they’re pretty well spoken of. I can’t say I’ve heard anyone say anything bad about them Soooooo….


3. Black Opal $10 off $40


I use several products from Black Opal. They’re products are great. I’ve found their products in K-Mart and I heard a Walmart near me sells em, but I’ve yet to check em out! I’ll be sure to update you on who sells them when i find out more. This deal is going to give you $10 off not just on foundation BUT on ALL products. If you happen to spend $40 why not get this deal!!!


Welp That’s pretty much all I have for today! Come back soon I’ll have more great deals! Until next time

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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