Pink and orange nail designs for summer

Nail Friday Beautiful Summer Nails

Hey Love! This week I wanted to feature some great designs I thought would be perfect for the summer. I came across some really gorgeous and vibrant nail designs with colors of the full spectrum color wheel. This week these beautiful nails are in several shapes and as you scroll through these nail art designs you will also notice a few very unique nail designs.

I want to point out the unique set of Spiral nails featured today because they are truly the newest shape I’ve seen in recent times. The brilliant colors and embellishments used were also a really beautiful play on the design and I thought I’d share that with you.

I’m so happy to share these beautiful gorgeous Summer Nail Designs with you and I’m looking forward to see your next set too. 😘 xoxo 😘

Feature your nail designs next week

Are you a nail tech? Want to Feature your nail designs on our weekly nail design posts.

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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