Steve madden YSL inspired rhinestone crushing boots

YSL Inspired Boots From Steve Madden

Steve Madden

A few weeks ago I posted about my Favorite pieces from YSL Ready to Wear Spring Collecton 2018. Well guys LOOK 👀what I found … So I’m surfin and happen to mosey on over to Steven Madden looking for deals on heels and Whadayaknow I found these YSL inspired fashion and a few pair of my favorite boots duped.

When I spotted these Saint Laurent Inspired boots I literally was like..


So I’ve just saved you 98-99% off of the $10,000 dollar Yeti 110 Boots from Saint Laurent… You could just Tip Me … Or click any of my links and buy something 😉😉 but back to our special program….

OMG GIRLLLL let me tell you When I saw these boots on

I immediately knew I had to share them with you. They’re not exact but they’re close enough for me to call them inspired.

Lets compare.

On the left we have YSL Yeti 110 Boots knee high $10,000

On the right we have Steve Madden Alesandra Boots currently $109.98 (on sale) or $199 regular price.

As I was browsing, look what I found here… These rhinestone boots called Crushing TOTALLY inspired by Saint Laurent Niki Swarovski crystal-embellished leather knee boots. The heels are different, but never the less they’re inspired! Again another $10,000 pair of boots duped by madden and offered at a 98% mark down 199.95.

Celebrities and trend setters have been all over these!!! I can’t believe I’ve only just figured it out 😬 Anyway you can get either of these duped fashion trends at Steve Madden. Until next time

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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Steve Madden


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