Cleaning Make-Up Brushes w/ Sonicblend Cleansing Mat & Liquid Blendercleanser

A few months ago I purchased several items that I probably didn’t need, but wanted to give a try. As always I purchase a lot of stuff simply to try and share. In this episode of pull something out of a box that’s been sitting there for 5 months I pulled out the Michael Todd Sonicblend Cleansing Mat and Beautyblender Liquid Blender Cleanser.


It was time for me to wash my makeup brushes, so I grabbed this. I am using this trial in preparation for a comparison between this and the Beauty blender cleansing mitt. I’d previously intended to use them side by side by; I settled on using them separately and comparing the results.

The brand doesn’t claim any miracle cleaning so there’s not much to confirm or refute. . . But they do charge $12 for the cleansing mat. In my opinion this design is worth $3. But you know how rich people are… they nickel and dime ya while holding all the “booty” cash, diñero. My main concern is with this material it’s not going to last long. I noticed that while washing my brushes some of the product began to build up on the mat. That like defeats the purpose, ESPECIALLY if that keeps the brush from getting clean OR if it causes transfer or even bacteria build up! Geez I didn’t even think of that until just now!

Anyhow my brushes did get cleaner.


For the first time, along with the Sonicblend cleansing mat I also used my beauty blender liquid blender cleanser.

The liquid cleaner from beauty blender comes in a 5oz bottle and retails for $18. Its also offered at Sephora in the 3oz and 10oz bottle.

For me the liquid cleanser did the job. When I used it there were a few times where it didn’t properly lather, but that wasn’t the my overall observation. It works well but, I must say I prefer to use the Solid when  I clean my beauty blenders. The bar soap just works better for the Beauty blender. All in all I’m not sure the liquid cleanser offers me $18 worth of WOW in comparison to other types of liquid soap. I’m gonna use it because I bought it MONTHS ago, but I’m not sure I’ll buy again. I do still have to use this with the Beauty Blender Cleansing Mitt which is a different texture and quality all together in comparison to the Sonic blend cleansing mat. I’ll of course give my final thoughts on the Liquid cleansing after trying it with the cleansing mitt.

To end this off in all fairness both products worked! Were they AMAZEBALLZ … No! They certainly get the job done, but I can’t say they are worlds greater than other similar products. You guys know I’m going to give you the truth regardless and these are just not, from a practical stand point the most amazing products. They work, they do the job, but they also have a cost increase due to the brand that may not totally be very practical or even worth it! That’s all from me Loves😘 😘 😘 Until next time …

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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3 thoughts on “Cleaning Make-Up Brushes w/ Sonicblend Cleansing Mat & Liquid Blendercleanser

  1. Thanks for this review! I’ve been needing to clean my brushes but I have no idea what I need to do so. Would you recommend I give this a try or do you know of a cheaper alternative?

    1. Oh yes I would say there are some of the same items like on eBay or amazon go that route because They’re LITERALLY the Same thing! Save the coin for something important lol.

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