How to Earn extra money online today

Money Monday: 3 Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Its Monday again so you know what that means… ITS MONEY MONDAY! Every Monday I share tips on how you can increase you earning, build your online business, and become a better entrepreneur. All the tips I share in some way or fashion will help you with your business or to make more money online from home or in your spare time.

Today it’s All About Insta-Bucks!

1. Sell products through polls. Choose a product to sell then create poll questions. When people respond to your poll DM people who are interested in your product and ask for the sale.

2. Promote pages and products. If you’ve ever seen “DM me for Promo” in an Instagram users bio … that means they make money through promo. Create a list of prices, save the rates in a easy to save and upload file. Then start promoting post, pages, and products. Don’t forget to say “DM me for Promo” in you bio.

3. Sponsorship’s. You can partner with companies who need social media marketing to help promote their products. There are sites on the web that will help you get in touch with various brands. Just google Influencer Sponsorship’s or sponsorship opportunities. You can also go solo and reach out to the companies individually.

Just note that the average conversion rate on sales is about 10%. Don’t be discourage if EVERYONE doesn’t buy, or respond, or want to partner with you. Its literally the average in ALL Sales Channel.

That’s it everybody! 3 Ways to Make Money On Instagram. Also all tips shared here can also be used for other platforms its not only Instagram.

Happy Monday!!!

Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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