Thomas Lavone: A Classic Summer Dress “Ladies Who Brunch”

We’ve all at some point envisioned our lives being filled with the best wardrobe imaginable; a wardrobe full of designer brands, with the latest fashion, a wardrobe fit for hollywood, a wardrobe with no competition. Now that we’re on the same page here, Thomas Lavone’s limited edition 2018 Spring/Summer collection is what we need to splurge on during this sizzling hot season!

Inclusive Line

Blue Printed Dress Thomas lavone collection
Photo Provided by Thomas Lavone

From New York to Paris, we’ve been exposed to all the designers runway fashion can give us; We must conclude that Thomas Lavone’s Limited Edition Spring Summer Collection is truly a gem. It’s an all-inclusive line ranging from sizes 2-22. It’s no shocker the Fashion industry has tried to keep his name a secret. Introducing the most inclusive range of sizes we have seen over the past few months; Thomas Lavone’s brand is set to be the most revolutionary and it’s still in its infancy. The Ladies Who Brunch Collection will offer a fresh new perspective on runway fashion for today’s modern woman. With this size range ALONE… the industry, the people… we’re all ready for it!


Style & Design

The essential most important aspect of any line is style & design. This differentiates each brand from its counterparts in the industry, making it either a distinguished designer of notable reputation or no name brand at the dollar mart.

Thomas LaVone, the brand, evokes a timeless feminine aesthetic that is both polished and striking.  An unparalleled craftsmanship beguiles the standard with perfect lines and exceptional fit.

No stranger to runway designer fashion Lavone’s experience shows in his craftmanship. The Ladies Who Brunch Spring/Summer Collection will feature Jersey Knit Dresses with stretch stitched and double self-banded necklines. Each dress is designed with a slimming technology that gives your shape that hour glass silhouette. This line will enhance your curvy features and diminish any signs of insecurity giving you that perfectly toned figure even if you have a few extra handles of love. “This collection encapsulates the very meaning of pattern burlesque; making use of bright hues of blue, black and white merging them with animal print to give a psychedelic final look.” John Wesley

Zebra printed dress fashion designer Thomas Lavone

Bang for Your Buck

As John Wesley puts it “Each dress is retailed at a price of $180 minimum, now that is something one can really consider and hoard all their collection because $180 is a bare minimum that you can spend on a dress – that too from a high end luxury brand that guarantees quality over price!”

Thomas Lavone’s Ladies Who Brunch Collection is certainly a winner. This collection offers the highest quality while remaining affordably priced. Now that you know what you’re buying Its time to choose your selections from this limited Summer Collection, mark your calendar for the Upcoming Pop up shop, and get ready to shop.

The Pop Up Shop will be held in NYC on 5/19/18 at 434 E 9th St, East Village. Pop up shop hours 11:00 am-7pm, so come join us!

Black and white long sleeve dress
Photo By Thomas Lavone

Thomas Lavone Design Brand

Thomas majored in fashion design while attending  San Diego Mesa College .  He interned with Gretchen Productions of  San Diego, at  the Lamb’s Theatre. Yet, it was his  internship with evening wear designer, Richard Tyler, that would prove most influential. It encouraged Thomas to become a master of his craft and build a successful business from it. Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Jones New York, Natori, Nautica, Victoria Secrets are just a few of the brands Lavone is associated with. With over 17 years in the fashion industry as a technical designer, Lavone is  ready to revolutionize the industry with his Own Collection.


Ladies Who Brunch Pop Up Shop Thomas Lavone Designer Event

This is a sponsored post adopted from Thomas Lavone – The Name Behind Classic Summer Dresses by John Wesley.po

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