Try Body Lava without the Sticky MESS + Alternative Body Glow

A few weeks ago I picked up the Body Lava Who Needs Clothes. Of course the Bronze was sold out so I had to do what I could do baby!!! I finally got around to trying this out a this week and I knew you’d want me to share… Soooo…

After giving Fenty Beauty Body Lava a try my verdict is in! Yes this product is HELLA STICKY!! !! !! But I know that some of you die hard Rihanna fan’s ie Me need some miracle to fall down upon us from the sky so that we can make this stuff WORK!!

The 3 oz. Bottle has gorgeous packaging and literally looks like a dreamy concoction. I was super excited about this product and wanted to get it day of. Didn’t get it on release but just a few days after and OF COURSE it was sold out in stores so I had to order it online.

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Waited my 2 days got the package and BOOM, We’re sticky… lol. I wanted so much to

waiting for a package
Picture me waiting on the relaunch like this… Cuz this is basicall me!

LOVE this product but the formula didn’t cut it for me. I’m ALWAYS using body glow So I’ve become accustomed to what it feels like. Although other body glows may be a tad bit tacky for a few moment before it drys… THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN STICKY FOR what seems like an eternity! So sadly for me Release 1 of Body Lava is a NO, But I’ll be patiently waiting for the next formula to be prepared…. I’ll be waiting!

Anywho I did decide to share with you a way to use the Body Lava WITHOUT it being sticky. Watch the video to find out how! I also include a few alternatives for your glow for this summer You’re gonna need it!!!

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