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Spring Nail Designs Best of IG +Ugliest Nails of the Week

Hey Guys and Dolls! How are ya? I’m hoping this post catches you in high spirits as it should be Spring where ever you are. . . . So yea I know the last statement has little bearing considering some of you are experiencing winter like weather in APRIL!!! Sorry. The show must go on. I wanted to share some of the Spring Nails I’ve been seeing and let you know that although it may be cold outside. Spring will arrive at some point. For now you can enjoy the thought and prepare for when you can BAM! Buss out all the Spring and Summer effects and not feel weird.

Today I want you to get ready with all this Spring and Summer hotness. Brought to you by my upcoming song Sweat Shoppe. Enjoy!

Yall these were the Ugliest nails of the week. If these nails belong to you… Chile I’m sorry your nail tech should not have allowed you to walk away with this nasty lookin set. I generally try not to be rude but BABY FIRE YOUR NAIL TECH TODAY!!!! You Deserve better.

Ugly Nails on the internet

Just Ugly!





Well Love that’s ALL for today! What do you think would you wear these nails?

Comment down below and let me know… Girl Am I trippin????

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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