Black Smoke Coffin Shaped nail design

Shape Makes a Difference Make your Nails Pop + 20 Cute Nail Designs

So I totally goofed last week and did not get this out. We shall carry on and forget the short comings of others. LOL i.e. ME!!! Today I’d like to share with you my version of the best IG nail designs from this week. I love pretty nails (beauty) in general but I have a special place for nail art.

This week I want you to pay close attention to the shape. My BFF and I were talking the other day, I mentioned how important Shape is to me right now! Although design is great, it can quickly go to shit if the shape of the nail is subpar.

These are my nails… What a difference shape can make. Although both nails are decent notice how the nails on the right simply have more of a naturally enhance look as opposed to the obvious acrylic nails on the left. Yes the design is ok but if you look at the bulge around the cuticle it makes my fingers look totally Oompa loompa.  On the other side you’ll see how the properly shaped nail adds a more natural look and my fingers actually look a bit more slender. Just by looking you’ll notice the difference in shape. Properly shaping your nails can drastically change the look of your set. So just keep that in mind the next time you do or go get your nails done.

Shape totally matters. No matter what your preferred shape is square, Princess cut, coffin, stiletto, round; proper shaping of that shape will have your nails looking clean and well kept or someones hot mess set. KNOW THE difference!!!

Now Lets take a look at those nails for this weeks cute nail designs.

As you all can see properly shaped nails just look better. I hope you learned something or saw something you like. Be sure to check the caption to find out where to find these nail tech’s; and if you know any send their handles my way. Until next time

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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