How to Start Your Own Hair Extensions Business
1. FIRST and foremost you’ll need to educate yourself on the different types and texture of hair for this industry. You will have customers of all skill level in regards to wearing extensions. Its important for you to know as much as possible to best serve your customers. You should be able to answer as many question as necessary to insure your customers know they are not wasting their money on BAD product.

2. Create a business plan!! Know what expectations you want to meet and write them in the plan. Your business plan should include how much you’d like to make per week…month… how much you want to sell the hair for. Be sure to include your expenses, shipping, packaging etc., and if you want to offer services such as dying hair or sealing the weft for your customers. Your business plan will give you an idea of how much you will have to invest before you see a return on your investment or ROI.


3. Once you know what your initial investment will be, now you can get started on finding a good hair supplier. Do your research!! There are TONS and TONS of ppl offering what you are looking for. You will need a lot of money to sample different suppliers to see what you feel most comfortable with selling. Do your own “quality” test. If it passes then sell it. You don’t want to sell bad hair your business will be ruined before it starts.

3. After setting up your business you will need to begin marketing. Start putting a buzz in peoples ears. Maybe even before you find a supplier so they know you will be coming out with something soon. It’s important to know who your target market is to best use your advertising budget. No clientele means no money. So you need to know who you’re targeting. Age, Nationality, Location etc. Start small(2kilo-3kilo of hair) and as you grow more business and make more money you can offer different types of hair.

4. After you have begun set a date to re-evaluate and see what improvements may need to be make to stay innovative and ahead the competition. Remember it takes time to know a supplier well. If you have to change suppliers be sure to test the product first.


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Remember Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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