HSN Beauty Blender Haul

Beauty Blender Haul

A few weeks ago I was on Hsn and decided to check out beauty blender to see if they had new products. Sure enough they did. So I went on a Beauty Blender Haul and picked up some of their new products that I haven’t really seen anyone speaking on.

I had previously purchased the Beauty Blender Pro on the Go Set which included an original beauty blender, a beauty blender Pro, a mini blender, a Blattarazzi and a charcoal solid. This set is $40 at HSN and I think it’s a great deal considering that it does have tube any blenders and the pro and afull size blattarazzi. Since they had this great deal I decided to try and find any other deals that they might’ve had and I did!!!

Here’s What I Got!

Surface Simple Palette

I am super excited about the Surface Simple Palette. It makes me feel like IM REALLY DOING IT!! If I decided to start offering makeup services I would feel like a REAL PRO! The Surface Simple palette is great for customizing foundation, concealer, etc. The palette is clear so its great to place against the skin for color matching foundation shades.

Cleansing Mitt

The Cleansing Mitt obviously had to offer some added benefit for the $20 price range. It came with a sample of the Liquid Cleanser, a solid and of course the actually cleansing mitt is really thick. Its not that Cheap rubber you get from the china market. So I’m interested to give a go and compare it to other cleansing mats on the market.
LQ WK 46 Dating Game Launch 728x90

Beauty Blending Liquid Cleanser

So I have been cleaning my beauty blenders with regular bar soap. I’ve found the bar soap to be the easiest. I decided to get the liquid cleanser because Why Not and also I wanted to test it out to see if its worth te $18 price tag. I have always found my beauty blenders to be easier cleaned with bar soap but WHAT THE HELL … LETS LIVE A LITTLE! 

I’m excited to give each of these items a whirl so I can share my experience with you and let you know what I think about them. All in all Beauty blender had a few great items and I was able to get them on easy pay which afforded me the option to get more!

I made a video for this haul too so you could see them out of the package.


I hope you enjoy this… stay tuned for the demo on each of these. Subscribe to my channel like this post and until next time

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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