Facial Cleansing brush Dermabrush

DermaBrush Unboxing, 1st Impression & Demo

YES BOO YESS I’m bout that DermaBrush and I’m all the way here for it! 1st of all when I first got it my husband was adamant about opening it. So he unboxed it and used it on me for the first time. I immediately noticed my skin was very radiant and clear after using it.

Here’s Behind The Scene’s On that

Its easy to use super quick set up and a rather good skincare choice for makeup lovers. I had been noticing the more I wear makeup that I just need that extra punch on skincare and cleansing/purifying my skin afterwards. There are several brands that offer and electric facial brush. I chose the DermaBrush because it was on sale at HSN and with my employee discount I only paid about $20.

I used this brush a few days ago on my face… I used the body brush and my Lancome Creme Radiance  Cream-to-Foam Cleanser… Girl when I tell you my skin was GLOWING boo I don’t know what that body brush did but I found out what it do! Lol.

I love this brush and even have to buy my replacement brush heads which I think Im going to select the auto ship. I love the DermaBrush and I think you should have one!

For a demonstration of the DermaBrush watch this tutorial. 

In conclusion Its a winner for me


Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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