Lancome Foundation Review Brown Skin 500w

Lancome Teint Idole Foundation Review

A few months ago I bought Lancôme Teint Idole Liquid Foundation. I wasn’t sure which shade to get so I bought 500 and 530. I was wrong for both but that’s ok I make it work.

Guys this foundation is great. The first time I tried it, it was very smooth and much like skin on my face. It is full coverage and I really think the foundation is good. OF COURSE FOR $47 it better be!

Lancome foundation 500w Brown skin dark skin black women

This foundation has A LOT of shades so I really think you should be able to find your perfect match shade. This foundation does oxidize so be mindful of that as well. For oily skin girls, It holds up in heat as well. We took a trip to Missouri in May and I wore it to a baseball game. It didn’t budge. I wore this foundation several times actually in warm conditions did well each time. I did notice that the foundation’s 24 hour claim is accurate as I tested the theory one night my hubby and I decided to take a night away and party like its prom night LOL.

The foundation does last long and they offer a wide range of shades for everybody. I wanted to share this post because sometimes you just need to see what it looks like.

A few words of caution be careful with the bottle it will break if it falls on a hard surface.

To conclude, I like the foundation it holds up in heat, over long periods of time and with oil attacks. There are plenty shades to choose from and its overall a good product.

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