Purple and Blue Hair on Brown Skin

A Simple Day Dress

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)
As Im sitting here reflecting on my day eating my 3rd piece of cake (Its So Good… And I haven’t had cake in HELLA long) anyway I remember that last night or yesterday I was in the middle of writing this post. I wore this SUPER simple Plain Jane Dress and I LOVVEDD IT!!! Like Girl I did a mini photo shoot! I actually like what I have on now. I think Im gonna come back in about a week or so and do this with a make and hair look. Ugh I should did that earlier but I really just wanted to take care of a few other things first.

SN: I release my first official promo for my E.P. Release if you want to know anything about my music head on over to my Music Blog http://www.Qualah.com

But here it is.. From Yesterday 9/26. . . . . . . . Enjoy Ciao

So I love this little T-shirt Tunic like dress I have. Its just a simple heather gray dress. Im excited about the fall coming this season, but Im in Florida so its not gonna cool down yet. At least not for a few months. Im stuck with fall spiri in the south.

I guess I’ll just have to make a way…


 BTW the day was beautiful the sun was a perfect glowing tone for a brown skin honey and this dress just made the stay

~The Sweetest Simplicity~

Plain Jane Tshirt Dress
Steve Madden
As you can see I have paired this Plain Jane tunic Dress with a few options. Notice I have on a Vintage hoodie, as well as an alternative option with a floppy beach hat. Both make this look easy to transition Spring or Fall and you have a year round universal look.

plain gray t-shirt dress

I loved the fact that this ensemble really didn’t require everything to be NEW so I paired it with my Old Gray Studded Slip on Sneakers by Guess.

Qualah wears Floppy hat and studded tennis shoes with plain jane dress


A perfect dress for a simple sunny day in the fall. I wanted to share this look because I felt good that day. And sometimes you need to share something about a day that made you feel good. So I hope you loved it! See ya next time xoxo

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

Qualah signature
Guess Factory


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