3 Fall Beauty Trends You’ll Wanna Know About

Gorgeous SHANY Cosmetics Brush Sets
Fall is quickly approaching and you’ll wanna get ready cuz its gonna be a good one! Fall 2017 has all the best things. Fashion, Icons, Mystery and Horizons.  Its what you’ve been waiting for. Bring out all your bellls whistles and trinkets this fall WE GOIN IN!!!!


Deep Berry and Blood/Wine Red Lips … ALL THE RAGE


Bold 1 Shadow Smokey Eye Makeup – Smokeys have been kinda chill for a while now! But 2017 The Smokey eye is coming back with a Bang … AND LOTS OF COLOR oh and Dont forget FENTY!!!!
Black Opal Beauty


Natural hair for fall 2017 will be a continuation of summer but with more colors. Fall 2017 Natural hair trends are all about the coils, locs, Crochets, beaded braids and Vibrant Color.

Weather you’re looking for makeup or hair …. these trends are going no where. Fall 2017 will be colorful, braided, and smokey.

Can’t wait to see your fashion snubs this Fall.

Well until next time

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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