Morning tea

Catching Up … 3am Ramble

So its damn near April and I my posts have gone DRY! … So I’ve gotta tell ya I’m gonna flood your inbox because I have a lot to catch up on! Since its been so long since my last post I figured I just rap with you all for a minute.
I have been working a lot but my hours have changed so I will be able to get back on the ball game with this blog and my YouTube so definitely stay tuned and look forward to that. I am looking forward to getting a new camera OH THANK GOD! lol I have been wanting a new camera for A LONG TIME! Sometimes my videos go dry just because I want my new camera. #NOLIE I know that’s a lame reason but it gets tedious having to record when I have to do voice overs. Then when I decide to just talk thru its very tedious to get the audio lined up! Whew I will be TOO happy when I don’t have to do that. It literally takes 5-7 hours sometimes just to edit 1 video. So if I don’t have to do that … I’LL Be satisfied.

I STILL haven’t used the Full Spectrum Palette….. (whomp whomp) I KNOW Some of you may be thinking I am out of my mind for spending $55 on a palette I haven’t used…. YOU’RE RIGHT!!! I cant even get my life thinking of it in numbers. BOO but I’m sure I will get around to it being that spring is here and summer’s right around the corner. I’m really happy its Spring and SUMMERS ALMOST BACK! Lol Yall know I’m a summer/tropical baby. ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IT BEACH… BEACH…. BEACH. This year I’m going JET SKIING NO QUESTIONS!!
SN I absolutely LEGIT need to get my nails done! I have been stretching my current set for FAR TOO LONG! Lol

I had a chance to do some spring cleaning the other day. I didn’t quite finish but it LOOKS SO GOOD. I moved some things around switched some stuff out and cleared up some much needed space. Its like out with the old in with the new kinda thing yet I still have some old stuff just changing places.

Enough of my rambling I just wanted to chat with you. I’m gonna let you know now, I have lots of new material coming up I will be getting a lot of new material ready for you. Hope to see you soon.


Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving


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