6 Ways To Challenge Your Hair Care Regimen in 2017

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Condition More

Offer your hair more conditioning treatments that will bring back moisture and reset your curls.

Rinse your hair with water often

Rinse More

You don’t have to Wash your hair every time it gets wet, Sometimes just a nice wash will re moisturize your curls and rinse away any products building up on the top layer of your hair. Rinsing your hair really helps keep it moisturized.


Protect More

Protect your hair a little better. Wear low manipulation styles, avoid damaging styling techniques. Avoid rough handling of your delicate hair around the edges. Just Avoid unnecessary stress on your edges all together.

Massage More

When you rinse, wash, co-wash, moisturize massage your scalp more, stimulate the sebum(natural oil produced by your follicles), promote blood circulation in that area thus promoting hair growth. Do this as often as you can.

Scalp Massages are perfect for stimulating sebum
Scalp Massages are perfect for stimulating sebum

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No Pull Detangling

Avoid tugging and pulling and ripping when detangling and styling. You can use detangler or like I like to use ACV when I detangle it makes it pain and tug free.

tangled curles

Less Product

Use natural ingredients to bring back the healthy shine in your hair or to get your curlz POPPIN!!!

Natural ingredients for hair care

These tip may help you push forward towards even more ways to challenge your hair care regimen in 2017. These tips are super easy and can be applied worry free.


Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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