My Final Essence Beauty Box-Video

Hey guys just a quick video share. As some of you may know I was away from making my videos for a few weeks. Find out why NOW! Well that hiatus is over and I’m am back on it. Getting started I have made a few quick edit videos to get me back into it slowly. I will be creating more hairstyle and makeup tutorials soon, but be sure to catch up so you can see my ever evolving makeup style by watching  My 2016 Makeup Playlist and My Natural Hairstyle Tutorials be sure to scroll down…. You’ll Find Lots of tutorials, But enough with the plugs. I previously share with you my 1st beauty box with My First Essence Beauty Box and I have since cancelled and received my final box. I figured since it wasn’t too long ago I received my Final Essence Beauty box that I share with you what I got. So here it is, Enjoy!

Until Next Time …..

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving


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