Natural Hair Rant: The Reality of A Bomb Fro

Disclaimer: This post includes raw language not recommended for children or virgin eyes/ears. IJS If you don’t like profane language DONT READ IT! 85dc6e208180d8ebb502de861f140211 Having natural hair can be exhausting. Lets just admit it… You wanna know why black girls get relaxers, weaves and straighten their hair??? Its because our hair is WORK! OKAY! Pure All day 9-5 with a punk ass half hour lunch break WORK! Straight… its wash day I can’t go on a date, WORK! The reason for the “excuse” I gotta get my hair done …… WORK! The reason why black women historically spend the MOST TIME and money in the beauty shop …… WORK OKAY! This shit is tiresome! wash-day I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who Falsely, Blindly and stupidly believe that African Women just ain’t got no hair, cant grow it or what ever leprehchan beliefs they believe, but really the real reason for the weaves, wigs, braids, short hair cuts, relaxers, straighteners, and all the bull shit we go through for our hair is because of convenience, frustration and WORK!!!! natural-hair-color-purple-meme I mean real talk it takes my hair 12 hours to dry! LIKE COME ON WHO HAS THAT KINDA TIME! I mean it takes 30 minutes just to Rinse my hair! That means NO SHAMPOO, NO CONDITIONER, NO special deep treatments JUST TO GET WATER THROUGH IT FEEL IT ON THE SCALP AND RINSE!!!!! some-girls-have-wash-n-go-i-wash-n-stop-hair_454d39993fce7e36946ce88261d509a0_707-582x Never mind actually washing and conditioning my hair which takes longer than it should. Oh and DON’T GET ME STARTED ON Detangling! Where is JESUS when its time to detangle.!?!? May as well cancel all your appointments, order in and pick out a full series to watch because detangling is an all damn day job!! I am frustrated right now because I actually have to detangle my hair. Sometimes I just avoid it altogether, NOT a good idea might I add. Now I have to make extra sections, and do a thorough overhall/makeover on my hair because I let it go. This is not the way ladies. NOT THE WAY! Moral to the story stop trying to assume you know so much about people because of these dumb ass stereotypes. You don’t know shit! I’m mad I gotta detangle this hair. I am tired of my hair right now but I’ll get over it as I always do, but I had to rant for a second just to let you know the real deal!

Signed Natural Hair Exhausted

P.S. Yes I’m still on my 90day hair challenge tho! Oh and when I use ACV its usually less painful, faster and an all around better experience BUT sometimes ya gotta LET IT OUT!!!! Learn How to Detangle Pain free Now!

Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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