how to take hair supplements for best results

How To Properly Use Hair Supplements for faster longer hair 90 Day hair challenge Week 2

This 90 day hair challenge is underway and Iʼve got TONS of information to share with you all. First off let me start by saying that pretty much EVERYTHING in this hair challenge will be methods, techniques, and treatments that are tried and true, for me that is. I have tried each and everything that I will be sharing with you throughout the course of this
journey. There will be no surprise oops it maybe may or may not might work methods used in this challenge. Everything I am sharing has worked for me and Iʼm sure it will work for youthumb-is-up if youʼre able to follow some directions, take a few precautions (if and when they arise) and as long as you are performing these tasks for the recommended amount of time. With that being said… Lets hop right into this weeks topic. Hair supplements.

oie_METfS5NgVOAu_zps65f625a5Should you…. should you not… is it allowed, will it work!?!?!?! Well to answer a few of these questions the responses are surely preferential; For me Iʼm gonna go with a YES! <<<<
Lets explain.

Possible Risks and Side Effects to Taking Supplements

First and foremost lets talk about the health risks or possible side effects that go along with taking vitamins/supplements. Of course there are some!! DUH I wouldnʼt be a good friend if I didnʼt warn you and let you know either. Its extremely important to realize that as of this day in 2016 The vast majority of vitamins and supplemental minerals offered on the market are manufactured in a lab using mainly rock minerals. That means the vitamin and minerals supplemented in the tablets or capsule are more than likely derived from a rock some where. While the body can extract SOME of the rock form minerals it is not even remotely as effective as sythesizing vitamins and minerals from plant form. With that tidbit of information TAKING ANY SUPPLEMENT can and does hold the risk of developing Stones (ie kidney stones, gallbladder stoner, etc) I canʼt be totally thorough and say if this also carries the risk of tumors, cancers, and such but for the sake of being completely aware lets just assume that with the risk of stones these other health risks should also be applied. NOW I am not trying to scare the shit out of you…. Although I may have already done and pretty good job of that… Iʼm only making you fully aware to the best of my ability of any of the possible risks. Although taking supplements carries its risks there are as always, ways to work around such risks and precautions that can be taken to ensure that this doesnʼt happen to you.

Precautions When Taking Supplements

Obviously as stated about there are possible risks associated with taking ANY supplement especially when it is not plant derived. A few precautions to ensuring you remain healthy and do not develop any of the side effects associated with the consumption of supplements are as follows:

1.DRINK LOTS OF WATER– This should be number 1, 2, and 3 because of its importance. Drinking water is not only essential when you are taking supplements, but its essential to LIFE if youʼre human that is! Drinking lots of water will ensure that your body is capable of balancing itself, and excreting any excess toxins or left over unstored particles through urine, sweat, bowels ect. Drinking lots of water will keep your body from holding on to excess amounts of the supplement.

2.Eat a balanced diet– Now when I say a balanced diet I am by no means referring to the standard USDA food guide pyramid… I think that pyramid is complete horse shit! When I say a balanced diet I mean eat healthy. Lots of fruits and veggies to further aid the body in clearing out and keeping out any toxins or waste built up in the body. Not only will eating healthy help your body work properly and keep you free from toxins, but eating healthy will further your bodyʼs ability to increase and improve hair growth on its own. The supplements will then be an additional boost to your already hair growth inducing healthy system.

3.Work out more– Well yea this will obviously help your body expel toxins, improve circulation and overall heart and body health. Exercise also truly imcrease hair growth due to the increased brain activity… You know where your hair folicles are. Increasing exercise increases brain activity, cirulation, oxygen to the brain, there by aiding in better hair growth.

4.Take daily recommended amount– Follow daily recommended amounts couple this with your Dr.ʼs suggestions (if you listen to your Dr.) and you should be good to go.

So yes ALL THE USUAL suspects are the best precautions.. Yes I may have forgotten a few but honestly in my mind when I see drink water, exercise, get lots of sleep I atomatically assume the usual list of how to get healthy….. Culprits are in play. I am assuming you know the list quite well yourself so im gonna just leave the rest to common sense laws and I’m sure weʼre all still gonna be on the same page.

The Supplements 

Now that I have written a book about all the scary stuff lets get to the Gold and honey! Many of us know about Biotin for as a great hair growth supplement. Many people have heard of it have used it and for this supplement being used ALONE there are quite a variety of mixed reviews. Years back when I first introduced myself to this supplement I was very thorough and careful to do a complete scientific background research. When I research what I put into my body I go all out and pull no stops to find out what I need to know. When I found out that biotin is a copper based supplement I knew I needed to research the side effects of copper specifically, as well as other supplements that could be used to reduce these side effects. For me it was extremely important, at the time I was using the Paragard, the copper IUD. So know what excess amounts of copper in the body does was extremely imporant. In my research I found that copper in excess could cause hair loss!!! THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE Of what I was looking for. I needed to know what supplement was great for balancing out biotin. I found MSM. MSM is a sulfur based supplement and is a great way to balance out copper improve joint health as well as improve hair, nail, and skin health. I take about 1 MSM each day and 1 biotin tablet every other day! Well ladies Iʼm not gonna drag this on ANY LONGER! Go grab your biotin and msm and watch your hair take on a life of its own!!!!



Be sure to let me know how the challenge is going on your end and……..

Until Next Time Stay Healthy Happy and Always Loving

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