90 Day Hair Challenge

90 Day Hair Challenge #1 Oil Rinse/Hot Oil Treatment


Hiya Pal! Yea So I know I left ya hanging last week but I’m back again… Back at it to give you what you neeeed. Ahem!

This week I am starting a 90 hair challenge. This hair challenge is for several reasons hense the super simple “90 day Challenge” as opposed to 90 Day Hair Growth Challenge or 90 Day Protective Style Challenge. This challenge is ALL OF THE ABOVE and then some! Why you ask? Well over the past umm I donʼt know 6-8 months I have been really wanting to do this challenge. I have noticed that although when I first returnedhairnatural to my natural tresses … Nearly 5-6 years ago, my hair has, while doing great, Not been doing enough! Period Point Blank I want super hero Hair growth with un-breakeable edges and freakishly perfect natural tresses with LOʼreal commercial shine, clip in extension fullness and 80 years old indian woman length. YES LADIES I WANT IT ALL! And I’m not afraid to ask for what I want and trek a thousand mountains to get it….. OKAY Maybe that’s a little drastic. But Iʼm willing to pull out all my old tricks to see that I accomplish and reach my goals. And its not impossible either. (Wink)

During this 90 day challenge I will be doing quite a bit more and adding significanly to my hair care regimen to ensure that I for 1 do a better job of taking care of my hair. Not to say that I have been doing a piss poor shit job with my hair, BUT Iʼve been doing the ABSOLUTE bare minimum…. And when you want superhuman growth THAT IS A NO NO!!!!


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10809644_844811125569903_1031665038_nLets face it ladies there maybe a magic pill to help your hair growth but if you don’t maintain it, your edges will be on sale in a bag for the next girl to benefit from.



Youʼve gotta do your part. So lets just get this show on the road and get this party started Shall we!?!?!tumblr_m6nkxdnqYP1qh8ozno1_250_large

To the Oil Rinse

Ok so the 1st treatment or technique I used to get this challenge started off right was I Oil Rinsed and Deep Conditioned My hair.

DISCLAIMERS: If you have 4a-c hair like me I wouldnʼt suggest doing this process in this order. I didnʼt like the effects it had on my hair. So I would say if youʼre going to oil rinse do it the deep conditioner 1ST and oil rinse after you hair full washed all product out of your hair. My hair ended up getting tangles in it after this and I wasnʼt all too thrilled about it so JUST DONʼT remember to DEEP CONDITION 1st and you will be fine.

Oil Rinsing is great for bringing back a little moisture, shine, and to seal the hair. How you do it is simple. You can either rub the oil on to your hair and scalp prior to washing or you can take the oil with you in the shower and while washing/rinsing your hair use the oil to cleanse your hair. I performed the 1st option of rubbing the oil into my hair and scalp. I will definitely use the 2nd method and give you an update on which I like better. Its been such a long time since I have done an oil rinse but I remember oil rinsing was 1 of my favorite methods to use . I’m sure I will love it the same I just may have to tweak my application a bit.


That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. If you are participating in this challenge with me be sure to let me know. Let me know in the comments or use #VicariouslyMeHairChallenge2016 on twitter @MsQualah or Instagram @IamQualah

Iʼd love to see your results.

Until Next Time Stay Healthy, Happy, and Always Loving

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