How to do an acrylic overlay

Beginners How To Apply Acrylic Overlay to Natural Nails

How to apply Acrylic

These are the steps on how to apply acrylic nails. To learn how to remove acrylic nails check out this tutorial

To learn how to apply gel nails check out this video:

What you will need to complete this process

Liquid Acrylic or Monomer

Powder Acrylic

Glass Dappen Dish

Acrylic Brush

Nail Dehydrant

Acrylic Primer

Naile File

Nail Drill (optional)

Paper Towels

Cuticle oil


Prepare your nail bed by drilling or filling off the shine and any uneven surfaces that may appear on the nail bed. Dust nails and hands off completely. Fill liquid dappen dish with liquid monomer or liquid acrylic.

Step 2

Dip brush into liquid acrylic. Slowly dip the brush into the powder acrylic and allow brush to absorb all powder.

Step 3

No lightly lay acrylic onto nail bed starting close to cuticle area, shape the acrylic by press, swiping patting the brush over the acrylic that you are molding. You want to complete this process fairly quickly. You can also re-dip the brush to help move any acrylic that is hardening. But once the acrlyic is hard it aint moving! Repeat this process until the nail is complete

Step 4

Drill or file the nail bed until there is no lumps or uneven surface. Shape the nails as desired.

Step 5

Buff the nail with your buffer until the nail is shiney and has not ridges or bumps.

Step 6

Use cuticle oil over cuticles and wash hands. Polish and done!

This process is simple but it definitely takes a lot of practice to get a good technique going. These are the basic beginner steps to applying acrylic to your nails at home.

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