Old Nail Polish Revamp Tutorial

So I just wanted to slightly change my nail color, Slightly. This is what I did to change my nail polish prior to getting my fill.

Revamped my nail polish just to change it up a little. I used Maybelline’s Color Show Polish in Twilight Rays #240, Sally Hansen’s Debut Tint & Kiss Design Tape

I already had a gold glitter polish by OPI on my nails.

Step1: So the first step is to use zigzag design tape for your ring finger. Using Twilight Rays By Maybelline You add the polish between 2 pieces of tape to create your zigzag lines. Apply two coats let dry and remove the strip.

Step1: Now for the middle finger, using Twilight Rays again paint in a French tip manner. Using a sponge apply polish in a dabbing motion on the same finger to create a gradient effect. Repeat step allow to dry.

Step 4: Using Debut Tint By Sally Hansen top old gold glitter polish to freshen up the color.

Step 5: Apply your favorite top coat and You’re Done!

StepByStep Nail Polish Revamp

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