You, Me, and Everyone Else

I absolutely loved reading this post by Truth and Cake. In some ways I have been saying some of this all along. Be your own person, be happy for others, but you should disconnect your self worth from the accomplishments or lack there of, of others. Enjoy!

Truth and Cake

You Me and Everyone Else
I was raised in a very tidy house. Everything had a precise place, down to the arrangement of dish towels and placement of toothpaste. As a teenager, I rebelled against what I felt was a nazi-like cleaning regime and my bedroom became my clothes-strewn sanctuary (sorry, mom!). Then in my late twenties, living in my own grown-up house, I found myself trying to match my parents’ level of cleanliness, constantly berating myself when I missed the mark (which was, like, always). My sudden need for everything to be uber clean wasn’t my parents’ fault, just my own inability to see the ways in which I was dissimilar from them. I had never really taken the time to suss out the differences between me and them and everyone else.

It’s crazy easy to fall into the trap of thinking other people are doing things right and that we, with our Ben…

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