How I Manage To Workout When I’m Feeling Lazy

How I manage to get my workout even when I’m feeling lazy

My lazy day workout plan

There are days when we all feel a bit sluggish. On these days we fight ourselves about getting up to get that workout. Whenever I’m having one of those days I use my “Lazy Day Workout Routine” which gives me all of my lazy tokens and I still squeeze a workout express in the mix. I know just the thought of a lazy day workout seems like an oxymoron, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Today I’m going to explain just how you can get it done without leaving your comfortable space, in no time.


We’ve all heard about those 10 minute workouts, which allow you to get a workout anytime, anywhere. These workouts come into play for working moms who get a quick blood pump session on their lunch breaks or for someone with a hectic schedule who can’t take an hour of time away to bust a sweat. Well this isn’t necessarily that but I guess it’s kinda similar. On my days of endless lagging I usually find myself laying down or sitting with what seems to be an unrelenting desire to be stationary for an eternity. I usually realize somewhere in between tired and boredom that I haven’t had a workout and decide to take action.

Bringing the workout to myself is usually easy at this point because I do every floor exercise Hip Thrustthere is! Usually starting with the hip thrust or hip lifts when you raise your legs and hips simultaneously. This is usually followed by leg lifts where your legs are in the air and you lower them parallel to the floor. Following this I may do crunches or side crunches. Don’t forget your planks and push ups then do it all over again. Essentially I manage to get my workout without leaving the comfort of my own room. Istill get to work that core and work up a bit of a sweat. These moves can all be done in varying repetitions and sets, just go according to your level of strength. Pair these moves with some lunges, squats, and jumping jacks and you’ve got yourself a fully body workout.



If this is too much for you Take a hike! ….. No literally! I’ll let you in on a secret if I’m not feeling any of that on my lazy day but I know I need to do something I go for a brisk walk around the block sometimes circling 3-4 times. It usually takes me 8-10 minutes to make 1 round that’s a full workout and by the time you’re done you feel refreshed and relaxed. As a matter of a fact I just did this about an hour ago and it felt great! I love the outdoors, when I’ve been cramped inside for too long I get anxious and start getting really agitated. Taking that walk earlier allowed me to get my workout, relieve some stress, free my mind, clear some mental space and replenished my creative juices allowing me to come here and write this post without problems. Just this simple act offered me a break from any immediate concern and/or responsibility to just breathe. Sometimes in our daily lives we forget to do that, which may inadvertently cause us to have those sluggish days. So I hope that the next time you have you lazy day you can squeeze in my lazy day workout to get your blood pumping. Stay healthy, stay happy and always, stay loving.

This post was written by Shaqualah C. Creator of this blog. Please share your lazy day routine below and any suggestions you may have to ad to the conversation. Thanks for reading.

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