Life’ s Contemplations

There are times when you have to sit back look around and contemplate on the things happeing around you.

To just enjoy the beauty life brings with each new day. The challenges that beakon you to be better.

The humility you experience when life just doesnt go right.

The pride and sence of accomplishment you feel when you reach your goals.

Big or small we all have an idea of what it is to be accomplished

There is a journey….

It’s called life

You live it to the best of your ability or you dont

I have come to have a certain way about which I carry on in my life


While I know that there are events that may or may not prevent us from reaching our personal goals

I also know that when there’s a will there’s a way

so I have set out long ago on my journey to reaching my personal goals

and while my life presently looks like it will never happen


It will happen, I will reach my goals

I will step into the ligth of which I have been given

and BE.

So I say to you my friend… BE

What ever it is that you must… just BE

Just sittin back thinking about life and all the beauties often overlooked

Written By:

Shaqualah Author of this Post


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