A broken heart… Never a broken spirit…

I knew you were in bed with the demon I was just too naïve to see it.
I made every effort to be right but the only thing you want is for me to be is what you like the problem is I was never what you liked
I’m not Mexican, I not a hoe and I don’t submit to what’s wrong
All outta options I see its been much too long
You’re so cunning and charming with ya pretty smile
But if they only knew you cut deep words hurtful and vial
even though I have never been that type I like to say things
that don’t hurt watch my words and be careful how I speak
But when you have influence what you speak is what you eat
So it became easy to say the words to shut you up because all you do is hurt
Through think and thin I been through it ALL but I stayed down
Cause all I wanted was you But you cant make a man love you
No matter how hard you try so I tried to leave but some how I always stayed
Now as you speak I see the hate you breed for me and oh how my heart
Bleeds, cause I been through it all but I still stood tall maybe alittle hurt
But my love was still strong
Now I see in you pure hate cause I refused to see your so called real that was fake
See you made them believe you but WE both know the truth with the things you’ve done, said and shown we know what’s the truth.
They even believe you but that’s none of my business
At this point all I can do and say is you may have broken my heart and hurt my feeling a thousand times into a million pieces but 1 thing I can and always will be able to say…. I love me cause I know I’m a great person I aint perfect but I a DAMN GOOD WOMAN! 1 thing that will always haunt you no matter what happens is that you may have had your fun bringing me pain but YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO SAY YOU COULD RUIN ME CAUSE YOU COULD NEVER BREAK ME!!! YOU COULD NEVER BREAK ME! I’m me and I stand for what I believe in I feel how I feel and I stand by THAT. LOVE IS ME CAUSE ALL I DO IS LOVE I CANT EVEN HATE YOU ALL I CAN DO IS HURT FOR YOU CAUSE YOU COULD NEVER SEE IT YOU COULDN’T SEE ME UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE.


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