How To Fake A Fill A Nail Tutorial Stretch your set

When it comes to nail care most of us leave it to the professionals. But what do you do when you can’t make it to the nail salon and you are in dire need of a fill. Break em off, Let em fall off?

Here’s a little secret… There a way that you can stretch your set whether you have acrylic, gel, false tips or natural nails with an overlay.

What you will need:

  • A Nail File or Nail Drill
  • A Clear base coat
  • A polish of your choosing
  • A fast drying top coat

ImageContinue Below For Full Step By Step Information

Step 1

If you have a nail file/Drill begin at the base of the nail. File down the lifting until the

acrylic/gel is flesh with your natural nail bed. Continue until all nails are completed.

Step 2

Clean the nail by washing the hands with soap and water.

Step 3

Apply your base coat all over the nail (Don’t be concerned if it looks a little weird we are FAKING a fill)


Apply your color of choice.

Step 5

Apply your fast drying top coat.

And We’re Done!

You may watch the video for a more detailed tutorial right  here or here>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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